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Hebei CPI grew in July

The continuous decline of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) in Hebei province ended in July, according to the National Statistics Bureau’s Hebei Team. Hebei’s CPI increased 0.4 percent in July, growing 1.1 percent year to year and 0.6 percent from June.

The rising price of pork was one of the major reasons of the growth of food price and the total CPI. Pork prices kept growing from April to June, according to quarterly statistics, rising 0.6 percent in April, 5.2 percent in May, and 6.3 percent in June. The growth rate was further expanded to 17.4 percent in July, which drove CPI up 0.45 percent.

Among eight types of products, prices for six kinds increased, one remained the same, and one declined. The prices of cigarettes and liquor increased 3.6 percent;  apparel three percent, medical and personal care products 2.8 percent, entertainment 1.6 percent, food 1.1 percent, and household appliances and repairs 0.9 percent.

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