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“Internet plus” drives advanced manufacturing in Hebei

Sun Huichao, a white-collar worker in Langfang, Hebei province, just bought her first car online.   

Great Wall Motors, a traditional auto manufacturer, has recently started customizing automobiles based on the idea of “Internet plus automobiles.”.

Sun submitted information through Great Wall‘s Online Shop and customized more than 30 features for her car. In a few minutes, the order was complete.  The purchasing department prepared parts and accessories according to her order, and the production department built the car.

In 1913, Ford established the first assembly line for automobiles. The capacity increased and the costs were reduced. It started the age of automobiles. However, it had weaknesses. The assembly line can only create standardized products and cannot satisfy personalized requirements.

Industrial development is more diversified today. Products have more variety and customized design.

Besides Great Wall Motors, many other manufacturers are joining the “Internet plus” trend. In “Internet plus photovoltaics”, Jinglong Group analyzes statistics such as the electrical resistivity and the thickness of silicon chips to adjust machines in real time, with high profits. The CNR Tangshan Railway Transportation Company provides online adding value services such as monitoring operations and maintenance, transitioning into a complete service provider. Kailuan Group is launching a comprehensive, automatic system to manage lifts and ventilation in mines.

“Manufacturers in Hebei started to try ‘Internet plus’ just in time,” said Zou Ping, director of the provincial industry and information industry department. The State Council gave guidance on “Internet plus” on July 4. According to the guidance, large scale customization will be a focus of future development. The government will support the manufacturers to collect personalized needs from their clients and push forward the reform of key processes such as design, research and development, production, and supply chain management. Manufacturers will launch innovations in service and business patterns based on personalized products.

The country has launched many activities to boost information transition in industry and create advanced manufacturers. The province will launch 20 demonstrative smart factories in iron and steel, manufacturing, and food industries. Obstacles in market entry will be eliminated to build the “Internet plus” ecosystem.

Preferential policies will drive the positive circulation of customers and manufacturers. Sun received her first customized automobile. The dream of “Internet plus” in manufacturing has just started.

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