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Sixteen Projects of Caofeidian Were Signed

  In the Morning of February 16, the Signing Ceremony of the first quarter was held in Caofeidian District, on which 16 projects had been signed with a total investment of 10.6 billion yuan.

  Among the 16 projects, Hebei Dinghong Crude Oil Commercial Reserve was invested by 3.5 billion yuan with the first-stage construction of 12 100,000 cubic meter storage tanks and its facility and the second-stage construction of 16 100,000 cubic meter storage tanks. The projects Huaxin semiconductor devices and digital integrated circuit was invested by 1.5 billion yuan majored in constructing a production line of semiconductor and auxiliary facilities of producing, researching, development and experimenting. The Project of Dongguan Xinghua Hardware Tech was invested by one billion yuan mainly to produce Huawei Telecommunication’s equipment accessories. The Project of Kunshan Youtao Electronic-mechanical was invested by 800 million yuan in CNC automation equipment production.

  The year of 2016 is the beginning of the thirteenth five-year plan, which is also the first year when a new international port, a synergetic district and a new city off Bohai Sea will be built. This district takes the industry agglomeration as the leading for city development and popularity gathering. construction of new industrialization base as the goal, based on the project to promote the development of the coastal industry dominated by Petrochemical, high-quality steel, equipment manufacturing and pioneered by the strategic emerging industry such as new energy, electro mobile and new materials. It is planned to promote 207 key projects with a total investment of 23.92 billion yuan.

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