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Shijiazhuang tests new metro system

Residents in Shijiazhuang, capital of Hebei province are expected to have access to metro services starting from June, as recent trial operations have run smoothly.

At present, Shijiazhuang’s metro line 1 and metro line 3 are undergoing a three-month trial period which started on Feb 20, a standard procedure carried out to assess the coordination, reliability, and safety of the metro system.

Although there are extensive plans for expansion, metro line 1 currently starts from Xiwang Station and terminates at Jiahe Street Station, with a total length of 23.9 kilometers. Metro line 3 runs from Xiaohuilou Station to Shijiazhuang Station and covers 6.37 km.

Staff members from Shijiazhuang Metro Group exit a metro train during a test run on May 15. [Photo/hebnews.cn]

Following the successful safety tests, the metro lines have now entered the fifth stage of their trial operations, with metro line 1 and metro line 3 now running according to their scheduled timetables –– which run from 6:30 am to 9:30 pm every day, with trains runningat peak and off-peak timesevery8 minutes and 10 minutes respectively –– prior to the official opening in June.

During a recent interview with hebnews.cn, Wang Wei, senior engineerat Shijiazhuang Metro Co, discussed the present state of Shijiazhuang’s two new lines. He noted that Shijiazhuang's metro trains have already begun test runs reaching speeds of 80 km per hour. Wang also spoke of the pleasant environment at each of the metro stations; each one is equipped with an information center, ticket machines, and barrier-free access.

Wang expressed his pride at introducing Shijiazhuang as the first city of its kind to use Type A metro trains, the widest of the various categories available with trains measuring a total width of three meters.

Upon finishing its trial period on May 20, the metro system will undergo a full assessment before becoming fully operational by the end of June.

A Shijiazhuang resident tests the ticket vending machine at a Shijiazhuang metro station on May 15. [Photo/hebnews.cn]

Shijiazhuang metro staff members take part in trial operations on May 15. [Photo/hebnews.cn]

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