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Tianjin and Hebei port operators sign agreement

Tianjin Port Group and Hebei Port Group signed an agreement on May 17 to cooperate on boosting the container business in Huanghua Port, hebnews.cn reported.

The cooperation follows the establishment of Jintang International Container Port Co in December 2016 and the strategic cooperation agreement reached between Tianjin Port and Cangzhou Port Group in February 2017, which is another key step for Tianjin Port to conduct its integration development strategy with port cities in Hebei province.

According to the agreement, the two sides will jointly construct Huanghua Port's container business facilities and make use of Tianjin Port's distinctive advantages in thecontainer business to help Huanghua Port increase its market share in container transportation. Tianjin Port has 120 container transportation routes and every month there are over 550 sea voyages departing from Tianjin Port to global destinations.

Huanghua Port, located in Bohai New Area, Hebei province, is divided into four areas –– coal, comprehensive shipping, bulk cargo and estuary shipping. The port services bulk cargo and container transportation provides key support for the metallurgical, chemical engineering and equipment manufacturing industries.

The agreement is expected to coordinate the container transportation business in Huanghua Port and Tianjin Port, turning the two ports from rivals to partners.

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