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Harvest time comes to Hebei

Hebei in North China will begin the harvest season on June 7, Hebei Daily reported.

Currently, a total of 34.15 million mu (2,276,667 hectares) of wheat is ready for harvesting. Due to the good weather this season and advanced wheat management technology, the wheat output in Hebei is expected to hit a new record high this year, according to Fu Qiang, head of Hebei’s Agricultural Machinery Bureau.

Hebei’s wheat is harvested by large combine harvesters. Statistics from Hebei Agricultural Machinery Bureau reveal that Hebei province will put 1.4 million combine harvesters into use.

As rain is expected in the next few days, Hebei will enact emergency procedures to collect the wheat harvest, with people monitoring weather changes around the clock and launching weather warnings when required. Also, the demand for agricultural machinery along with its current market price will be provided by the agricultural information service platform to help guide machinery flow, ensuring wheat can be harvested as soon as possible.

In addition, regional agricultural machinery bureaus will provide agricultural machinery repair and maintenance services on site; and the Hebei branch of Sinopec Group will also organize tanker trucks to refuel machines at a preferential price.

It used to take at least seven days to harvest wheat and plant corn, said Li Zhenfeng, head of the agricultural machinery bureau in Chengan county. However, the application of large modern combine harvesters and planters can finish the work in just one day, which saves much time for farmers, Li claimed.

Combine harvesters harvest wheat in Daguozhuang village, Chengan county on June 7. [Photo/hebnews.cn]

A large combine harvester delivers wheat to trucks in Daguozhuang village, Chengan county on June 7. [Photo/hebnews.cn]

A farmer sorts wheat at Daguozhuang village, Chengan county on June 7.[Photo/hebnews.cn]

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