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Hebei scientific equipment platform starts trial operations

Hebei businesses and research institutes will soon have access to its newly-built large scientific research equipment sharing platform, as it has recently commenced trial operations, Hebei Daily reported on June 12.

The new platform will take the place of the previous Hebei large scientific research equipment service union websites, providing equipment and information services. It will also achieve information sharing with similar platforms in other provinces and the national-level platform.

At present, the platform has a total of 5,001 items of scientific research equipment in 15 categories, and each is valued at over 200,000 yuan ($29,400). The equipment comes from 416 agencies, including universities, scientific research institutes and platforms.

Hebei Province’s Large Scientific Research Equipment Sharing Platform was established and is operated by Hebei government’s department in charge of science and technology.

Hebei’s Science Department will launch its service evaluation results based on users’ feedback when it is officially put into service, and it will cooperate with Hebei’s financing department to design a policy for providing subsidies for users.

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