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Hebei provides walnut planting technology for Xinjiang

Lincheng county in Hebei province organized a walnut planting team at the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps to provide free technology services, in a bid to help local people out of poverty.

The Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps is located in the northwest of Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, bordering Mongolia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. A team of some 20 planting technicians left for Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps on June 12 to help local residents plant walnuts.

The technology team is named after Li Baoguo ––a professor at the Agricultural University of Hebei Province –– who helped lift over 100,000 rural residents in the Taihang Mountain area out of poverty over a 35-year period, by providing professional agricultural planting technologies.

The Li Baoguo Technology Service Team was established in Lincheng county –– a professional walnut planting base in Hebei province –– in June 2016, and it is made up of 30 members. The majority are Li Baoguo’s students and technical personnel from a local business specializing in walnut planting.

Li Baoguo came to Lincheng county in 1999 to teach local farmers to plant walnuts. Over the past 17 years, walnuts have been planted in Lincheng county in an area covering 230,000 mu (15,300 hectares), generating annual output value of 500 million yuan ($73.65 million) due to their high quality, which has benefited over 10,000 households from 138 villages in Lincheng county.

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