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Shijiazhuang metro provides free trial service

Shijiazhuang started a five-day free metro trial on June 14, as the final part of assessing the coordination, reliability, and safety of the city’s metro system.

During the trial operation period, residents can enjoy metro services by using free ticket coupons.

According to Shijiazhuang’s metro development plan, a total of 25 metro stations will initially be put into service. Currently, Shijiazhuang has two metro lines –– line 1 and line 3.

Although there are extensive plans for expansion, metro line 1 currently starts from Xiwang Station and terminates at Jiahe Street Station, and has a total length of 23.9 kilometers. Metro line 3 runs from Xiaohuilou Station to Shijiazhuang Station and covers 6.37 km.
Each metro station in Shijiazhuang is equipped with an information center, ticket machines, and barrier-free access. Meanwhile, Shijiazhuang metro system uses Type A metro trains, the widest of the various categories available with trains measuring a total width of 3 meters.

The Shijiazhuang metro system is scheduled to commence formal operations by the end of June.

A view of the largest metro station in Shijiazhuang, Xinbai Plaza Metro Station, which is a transfer station connecting line 1 and line 3. [Photo/hebnews.cn]

Shijiazhuang residents pass through a metro barrier during the first free trial day on June 14. [Photo/hebnews.cn]

A passenger takes a photo on Shijiazhuang’s metro on June 14. [Photo/hebnews.cn]

A disabled passenger experiences Shijiazhuang’s metro on June 14.  [Photo/hebnews.cn]

Passengers get off the metro at Xinbai Plaza Station in Shijiazhuang on June 14. [Photo/hebnews.cn]

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