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Hebei tourism flight makes virgin voyage

A special tourism flight named “Enjoy Hebei” landed at Chengde Puning Airport at 8:30 am on June 20, marking the start of operations for this new travel route.

A total of 180 tourists from across China experienced the virgin voyage.

The flight, flown using a brand-new Boeing 737-800, carries out the Shijiazhuang-Chengde route, which links Shijiazhuang -- Hebei province’s capital city -- and Chengde, a well-known summer resort in the north of Hebei.

The interior of the plane cabin was fully decorated with Hebei tourism elements, where passengers can see the Hebei tourism logo, browse scenic spot introduction pamphlets, or watch tourism promotion videos.

In addition, all the flight attendants will soon receive training on tourism promotion, in order to provide passengers with professional tourism information and travel route recommendations.

The “Enjoy Hebei” tourism flight lands at Chengde Puning Airport at 8:30 am on June 20. [Photo/hebei.com.cn]

The “Enjoy Hebei” tourism flight is scheduled to conduct routes linking the tourism cities in Hebei province and the important tourist-generating regions in China.

Commencement of the tourism flight has brought much convenience for tourists who plan to travel in Chengde, as people had to previously take trains to Chengde, as there was no airport in the city in the past.

Chengde Puning Airport, which officially commences operations on May 31, is the sixth civil airport in Hebei province.

The airport is designed to serve as a domestic tourism airport, which means that it will mainly serve short and medium-haul flights, according to Yang Hongjie, manager of the airport.

Passengers and flight attendants celebrate the success of the virgin voyage of the “Enjoy Hebei” tourism flight on June 20. [Photo/hebnews.cn]

Chengde, as a city adjacent to Beijing, Tianjin, Liaoning province, and Inner Mongolia autonomous region, has rich tourism resources including the Chengde Summer Resort, the Jinshanling Great Wall, and Beidaihe scenic resort, and receives a large number of visitors. While the tourism industry in Chengde was previously hampered by poor transportation links, the newly-opened airport provides tourists with a new travel option, and is expected to help draw more tourists to Chengde.

Currently, the airport only operates the Shijiazhuang-Chengde flight, which shortens the travel time from the previous seven hours to only one. The airport will soon offer another four flights to link Chengde with Chongqing municipality, Sanya in Hainan province, Harbin in Heilongjiang province, and Shenzhen in Guangdong province, Yang said. In addition, Puning airport will gradually launch flights to Shanghai, Xi’an, and Guangzhou in the near future.

By the end of 2020, Chengde Puning Airport will operate at least 10 domestic flights according to its business plan.

Flight attendants of the “Enjoy Hebei” tourism flight pose for a group photo on June 20. [Photo/hebnews.cn]

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