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Design companies compete to work in Xiongan New Area

Xiongan New Area, a State-level economic zone in Hebei province, is inviting professional design companies from home and abroad to help with designing its urban areas, according to a Hebei Daily report on July 6.

A total of 183 design teams, including some multinational teams, had signed up for an urban design competition by July 3.

The local authorities will select about 12 top candidates to proceed with the work.

The selected designers will work on helping to design the urban areas during the initial phase of the zone’s development.

International consultation is a standard practice in the industry and aims to attract designers from different backgrounds and specialisms to pitch ideas, an official from the Urban Planning Society of China said.

This practice has been employed in the development of many famous areas, including Shenzhen Special Economic Zone and Pudong New Area.

Xiongan New Area was established by the Central Committee of the CPC and the State Council on April 1. Located some 100 kilometers southwest of downtown Beijing, Xiongan New Area mostly covers Xiongxian, Rongcheng and Anxin counties.

Xiongan New Area will initially cover 100 square kilometers, before being extended to 200 sq km during its second stage. It is expected it will eventually cover an area of 2000 sq km.

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