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Martial arts competition closes in Cangzhou

A three-day martial arts competition for 1,5000 participants finished on August 1 in Cangzhou city, Hebei province, the hometown of China’s martial arts.

Over the three days the players competed for medals in individual, pairs and team events in five age groups — children, teenagers, youths, middle-aged and elderly.

It was the first time Cangzhou had host this kind of event.

Cangzhou is one of the places where Chinese martial arts originated. Cangzhou originated 53 categories of boxing styles and affiliated weapons, accounting for 41 percent of the national total. Cangzhou has been recognized as one of the leading hometowns of China’s martial arts.

The opening ceremony of the Cangzhou marital arts competition is held in Cangzhou city in Hebei province on July 30. [Photo/hebnews.cn]

Two players from Chongqing municipality practice before the official competition outside Cangzhou Stadium. [Photo/hebnews.cn]

A player showcases his skills at an individual event during the Cangzhou material arts competition. [Photo/hebnews.cn]

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