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Two more expressways to link Shijiazhuang

The capital city of Hebei province will be directly connected to Hengshui and Tianjin municipality with two new expressways in the future, according to the transport development authority.

The two expressways will be the Tianjin-Shijiazhuang Expressway and Shijiazhuang-Hengshui Expressway, which are expected to significantly shorten the driving time between the three cities and boost economic development in the areas along the expressways.

The Shijiazhuang section of the Tianjin-Shijiazhuang Expressway starts from Xineibao village in Shenze county, passes through Wuji and Gaocheng counties, before terminating at Guaijiaopu village in Zhengding county, which borders Tianjin municipality.

The Shijiazhuang section is 49.5-kilometers long and is designed for speeds of 120 km/h. Total investment in the expressway is estimated to be 8.54 billion yuan ($1.27 billion).

It will finally give Wuji and Goacheng counties an expressway connection once the Tianjin-Shijiazhuang Expressway is completed.
The other new expressway which will link Shijiazhuang and Hengshui in Hebei province is 110.2-km long, with total investment of 10.12 billion yuan.

The Shijiazhuang-Hengshui Expressway will be the most convenient route connecting Shijiazhuang and Hengshui when it’s completed. And the project will utilize a public-private partnership (PPP) for its funding. PPP projects are collaborative projects between governments and private companies that are mainly funded and operated by the latter.

An artist’s impression of the Shijiazhuang-Hengshui Expressway. [Photo/hebei.com.cn]

An artist’s impression of the Tianjin-Shijiazhuang Expressway. [Photo/hebei.com.cn]

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