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Luanping provides a platform for trade in TCM materials

The first traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) materials conference in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region was held in Luanping county, Hebei province on Aug 1.

The conference was sponsored by Hebei Agricultural Department, Beijing Rural Work Committee, and Tianjin Rural Work Committee.

More than 1,000 people took part in the conference, including staff members from TCM companies and doctors from TCM hospitals.

The conference consisted of product demonstrations, a TCM cultural festival, and lectures.

Luanping, located in Hebei’s Chengde city, has always regarded its TCM materials industry as the pillar industry behind its efforts at poverty alleviation. It has built the first TCM drug material town in the province.

Last year, Luanping built a TCM Park, and this year, a drug museum and research center were also built there.

During the product demonstration session, more than 120 pavilions were set up to showcase TCM products, TCM companies, and TCM technologies.

The conference also promoted sales of TCM materials. Many procurement agreements were reached during the event, including one for 135,000 tons of scutellaria baicalensis and honeysuckles. More than 20 drug companies expressed their intentions to visit the Chinese medicine plantation bases.

A TCM company representative explains the functions of TCM materials to participants. [Photo/huanqiu.com]

A man gives a tea art performance on Aug 1 in Luanping, Hebei province. [Photo/huanqiu.com]

A TCM drug plantation in Hebei province [Photo/huanqiu.com]

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