First 'made in China' magnetic resonance equipment produced in Baoding

The first Chinese-designed magnetic resonance equipment came off the production line at a medical equipment manufacturing company in Baoding, Hebei province on Sept 26. The equipment will be used in hospitals and physical examination clinics across the country.

Seventy percent of the high-end medical equipment used in China is produced by foreign brands, according to Wang Tianfeng, chairman of local medical equipment company Hebei Huiren Medical Equipment Technology Co, but things are beginning to change as Chinese companies move up the technology ladder.

As companies like Huiren improve their research abilities and produce more equipment to meet clinical needs, the benefits to China's hospitals could be enormous. Buying Chinese-made medical equipment rather than importing the equipment could reduce Chinese hospitals' expenditure on equipment by 50 percent, according to Wang.

Established as recently as June 2013, Huiren already has 200 patents in the medical field, and the company is also collaborating with a heavy ion accelerator facility in Lanzhou, a military medical university, and Shanghai University of Science and Technology on three key medical projects, for which the company has received 1.9 billion yuan ($285 million) worth of investment.

The company is currently focusing on developing and producing high-end medical equipment such as medical magnetic resonance equipment, interventional navigation systems, and medical imaging equipment, with plans to expand this range in the future.

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