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Hebei, a northern Chinese province rich in history, culture and scenery, is a slow-moving panorama of exquisite ancient architecture, traditional houses, various cultural relics, vast grasslands, magnificent mountains, tranquil lakes and endless plains. Cosmopolitan Tianjin and Beijing may put on a dazzling show, but the true charms of Hebei lie in its deep-rooted history and stunning landscape.

Hebei offers the ideal chance to disengage from the modernity of Beijing and Tianjin –– and their frantic urban tempo –– to experience a more timeless China without having to travel too far.

Wander through ancient settlements and walled towns, skirt the wild edges of the former Manchuria and journey to the majestic 18th-century summer retreat of the Qing emperors in Chengde, appreciating the variable natural beauty along the routes.

There are temples to explore, rarely visited stretches of the Great Wall and remote towns and villages whose ancient rhythms and rural seclusion make them the perfect retreats for those prepared to venture slightly off the beaten track. There is also amazing natural beauty that catches the eyes of tourists from both home and abroad.

As of 2016, Hebei province has over 400 scenic spots, which include three world heritage sites, five national-level historical and cultural cities, five national 5A-level scenic spots, 11 national-level forest parks and five national-level nature reserves.

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